Wed. Feb 28th, 2024
An expert on key fob entry system for buildings explains the basics of modern door entry systems

Every building requires a means to control access. Your building must have a reliable way to get guests, tenants and delivery carriers through the front door. These days, everybody (read owners, managers and developers of properties) is looking for an easy to use but reliable door entry system.

Modern door entry systems are equally ideal for installing in newly developed properties as well as in old buildings that have undergone a proper overhaul. If you are just about to buy such a system you should better explore your options carefully first. You can consider this blog post as a basic guide to door entry systems. In the following sections of this post let us explore few most popular types of solutions that allow access into properties. Once you read this post carefully it will be easier to take informed decisions on your own.

A door entry system – what is it?

You can call a door entry system by different names, like a building access solution. You install it at an entryway of your building. It is meant to manage access into and within your property. a door entry system allows you to control who can enter your building (or a room). In other words it provides access to selected users to an area or zone. The system provides access to selected users by verifying the identity of an individual. A number of these systems also have means for visitors to request access into a building or room.

Where these systems are used?

A professionally trained installer for commercial key fob door entry systems based in London says a door entry system can be installed in any type of building. However the right system for a given building depends on two factors –

  • The underlying infrastructure of the building and
  • Specific access needs

Door entry systems are widely found in offices and business premises, apartments, industrial buildings and even in gated communities.

  • Offices and business premises – commercial door entry systems are most suitable for buildings that house offices as well as for every other type of business premises. An office building that has a keyless entry system makes life easier for both tenants and employees. They can get into the building and leave it without carrying the overhead to keys or fobs.
  • Building apartments – In the contemporary times every apartment building is in need of a door entry system. It is easy maintaining security inside the building using a door entry system. Moreover the system ensures visitors can effortlessly request access into the building from its residents.
  • Industrial buildings – industrial properties like warehouses and self storage facilities also reap advantages of a door entry system. It ensures only authorised individuals can access such a building.
  • Gated communities – It is also possible installing door entry systems at entrance gates of both multifamily and commercial properties.

The way in which a door entry system works

A door entry system works on a simpler mechanism; it authenticates the identities of authorised users or tenants in a rented property. as far as visitors are concerned the system enables them to request access to the property. Door entry systems require specialised hardware. This hardware is usually installed outdoors. The hardware is also called base station. For certain systems you have to install hardware throughout the building or property. in fact a hardware set is installed in every unit of the building. Those hardware devices are known as substations.

Base stations and substations of any door entry system communicate with each other either through wiring – if it is a wired system or through the Internet if it is a wireless system. IP systems are better than the rest. This range of access control or door entry systems remains connected to the Internet while communication is done through IP of Internet Protocol.

While passing through a door entry system a visitor has to search the system’s directory for a resident who is known to him or her. Then the visitor has to press a button to contact that person. At this stage the system alerts the resident that a visitor has arrived. The notification is provided either through a phone call or through an app in the smartphone. In the next step the resident speaks to the visitor to authenticate and then presses a button to open the door for the visitor. This is how a typical door entry system works. When the resident presses the button for door release, the system transmits a signal to the electronic (or magnetic) lock placed on the door. On getting the necessary signal from the system the lock gets unlocked to allow the visitor entry.

Residents living in a building can also make use of door entry systems to grant themselves entry into the building. It may sound funny but this is true. In order to grant themselves access residents may use a fob, a key card or an app in their smartphone.

The key takeaways

Now let us explore some of the basic takeaways of door entry systems in this section of the post.

  • A door entry system is basically an access solution. It lets you control who can enter into your building and who cannot.
  • Every door entry system under the sun verifies the credentials of a person before granting entry or access. If the credentials do not match, access is obviously denied. Credentials are verified in several ways like using a programmed key fob, a PIN or other options.
  • Certain door entry systems also enable guests to request access into a building. The request can be made to a specific resident or any working staff.
  • A door entry system with the capability to manage visitors allows visitors to call and speak to the residents. Even residents can open the door remotely for their visitors.

Different types of door entry system

Door entry system can be broadly divided into four categories, namely

  • Access control system
  • Buzzer system
  • Door phone entry system and
  • Intercom system

Any door entry solution that allows authorised users to grant themselves entry into the property based on verified credentials is an access control system.

Buzzer entry systems allow visitors alert notify tenants about their arrival at the building door and that they need access into the building. Buzzer system also allows residents to talk to visitors before remotely opening the door.

Using a door entry phone system a visitor can talk to a resident over the phone. The system also allows the tenant open the door to the building remotely for the visitor using by pressing “9” on their phone.

According to a professional having expertise in key fob entry system for buildings intercoms are the most versatile as well as robust door entry systems. It provides different ways of entry for a visitor into a building after communicating with the resident.