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Does your home have hardwood floor? If the answer is yes then it is important for you to know how to clean wooden floors properly. Wooden flooring is a long-lasting solution for any home or residential. This range of floors easily lasts long. But still it requires little care and maintenance. Moreover if you want to extend the life of your wooden floor then taking its minimal care and maintenance is more important.

As far as proper cleaning of hardwood flooring is concerned there are a few tried and tested ways. Obviously you can use a good quality vacuum for the purpose. A good quality vacuum means a vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction. A vacuum with powerful suction is always a vital tool in cleaning wooden floors. However as far as wooden floors are concerned just cleaning those is not everything. The range of floors often looks dull. So it is important to bring the shine back as well.

Now let us explore tips on how to clean wooden floors properly. But before we start it is important to tell you that you will require certain tools or resources to make the task easier. First let us list the tools and resources that you will require.

Things that you need

  • A floor mop
  • Soft cleaning cloth
  • Wood floor cleaner
  • A vacuum with powerful suction
  • Vinegar
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Deep cleaning product and
  • Fine grade steel wool

It is important to know the type of hardwood floor you have

Before you get started cleaning your wooden floor it is important to know something about it. What kind of finish does your wooden floor have? For example the latest range of wooden floors is sealed with a poly urethane coating. Moreover, a trained expert on hard floor cleaning in London explains, contemporary wooden floors are also painted or stained. This is done to protect the surface. As a result the range of wooden floors is pretty easy to take care of and maintain. These are also more resistant to both staining and water damage compared to those from the past.

Here is a word of caution; you must avoid using waxes or oils on these floors. That will make your floor dangerously slippery. However if you have wooden floor in an old house then it is completely different. Older homes that have wooden floors usually have a floor with soft oiled finish. This oil gradually gets soaked into the grains of the wood. This hardens the floor and forms a top coating or seal for the entire floor surface. If your wooden floor is of this variety then obviously you have to look after and maintain it with wax or oil.

Wooden floors with lacquered or varnish finish

There are wooden floors that come with lacquered or varnish finish. This kind of floors is not much resistant to moisture. Moreover these floors wear as polyurethane sealants. In easier words in that case you have to take care of these floors just the way as an oiled floor.

But most people do not have any clear idea about the kind of wooden floor they have. But that is no problem. There is a way to find that out assures a trained professional dealing in hardwood floor cleaning in London over the years. Rub your finger across the floor and watch carefully whether any mark appears. If there is no mark then your floor is sealed at the surface or surface-sealed. On the other hand if there is a mark on the floor surface on rubbing the finger then your floor is treated either with oil finish, varnish or seal.

An easy weekly cleaning regimen for your wooden floor

Now let us discuss few easy tips on cleaning wooden floors properly. You can follow this regimen once a week to keep your floor clean and glistening.

  • Step 1: First vacuum the floor and collect the dust, if any. Vacuuming also proves helpful collecting pet hair and dirt from the floor surface. Even if your floor accumulates no dust or you do not have any pet make sure to start cleaning your wooden floor with vacuuming. Make use of soft floor brush attachment of your vacuum. This prevents scratches on the floor surface.
  • Step 2: Now is the time for mopping. Fill a bucket with clean, warm water. Spray a little of any everyday cleaner directly on the floor surface and then mop it carefully. It is important to note that this step is not for oiled and waxed floors.
  • Step 3: How are you going to use the mop? Dip the mop properly intothe bucket of warm water. Wring out the water till it is only damp and not dripping wet. Mop the floor area both backward and forward at a time. Work out on the floor dividing it in zones. Your floor will dry up in just a minute.
  • Step 4: This is for those who have oiled floors. Fill a bucket with plain, warm water. Soak the mop in the water and wring it so that it is only damp. Mop the floor with it. Make sure to change the water when it turns cloudy. Keep the windows open to allow the floor to air dry explains a professional skilled in carpet and wood floor cleaning near me.
  • Step 5: Remember to buff the floor surface with a piece of soft cloth.

Deep cleaning techniques for wooden floor

Step 1: It is most natural that dirt, grime, grease and oil build up on wooden floors. Considering this fact it is better to deep clean your floor every six months to keep it looking clean and glistening.

Step 2: Get a commercially manufactured deep cleaning product from the market. Use it as per the instructions on the label. But if there is any doubt do not bother to contact your floor manufacturer. Ask them what kind of cleaning product would they recommend for the floor. This is the best way to get the right direction to the right product.

Step 3: Prepare a solution with water and cleaning product. Dip a mop into the bucket containing the solution. Wring the mop so that it is not dripping wet but only damp. Mop the floor with it but make sure not to leave puddles of water on the floor by any chance. That can easily ruin your wooden floor. A professional cleaning expert working at the VIP Carpet Cleaning London suggests checking the instructions on the bottle of the product. Some products require to be rinsed off with a clean damp mop later.

Step 4: Open up the doors and windows to facilitate natural flow of air within the indoors. Natural air drying is necessary for wooden floors. But if the weather is too cold then turn the heating on. This speeds up the drying process.