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WPC ETA Certificate is a Wireless Planning and Coordination Equipment Type Approval Certificate. It is a mandatory license which is required to import or sell any wireless device in India that operates in a de-licensed frequency band in India. This includes devices such as Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, Wi-Fi technology, RFID, and more. WPC ETA Certificate is issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing. The WPC ETA Certificate ensures that your wireless device must comply with all applicable Indian sets of regulations which include security, quality, and privacy.  

WPC-ETA approval in India is an important tool to protect consumers and avoid any legal issues.  WPC grants approval through Equipment Type Approval, Network or Non-Network, and DPL(Device Provisioning Licenses) or NDPL(Non-Device Provisioning Licenses. There is an eligibility criteria for the WPC ETA Certification. Manufacturers of wireless products must work with delicensed bands or importers of wireless products work within delicensed bands. 

Which Documents are Required for the WPC ETA Certificate?

Some essential documents are required for the WPC ETA Certificate. These documents are RF Test reports from a NABL(National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories). Receipt of the online charges, Description of the product, PAN Card, Certificate of incorporation of your company, WPC ETA self-declaration of that product. 

What is the Process of WPC ETA approval in India?

The process of WPC ETA certification includes a few steps and it differs depending on the manufacturer whether domestic or foreign. Authorised Indian Representatives can apply for foreign manufacturers whereas for domestic manufacturers. ETA is necessary if the wireless product it manufactures works in delicensed bands. 

You must have every detail of the product and even if your product doesn’t need Equipment type approval you can go through a WPC licence in India for those products which do not require equipment type approval. 

For this process, first, analyse the report of the product and reports must be correct and accurate because it increases the chances of the approval for ETA from WPC. With the help of RF testing, you will get information about the radio transmission range. After that, the necessary documents for the ETA certificate in India. Then submit the documents online with the WPC ETA application form. Later on, you have to pay fees for it and after this step, you have to follow the offline step which includes documents and the receipt for the ETA approval submission. 

WPC Certificate Consultants can also help you out during this process. These consultants can help you understand the steps involved in obtaining a WPC licence. Not only this, they also help you to prepare your application and make it complete and accurate. Consultants help you to obtain the test reports from NABL-accredited laboratories too. WPC certificate consultants have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the WPC licensing process. WPC certificate consultants can help you track the status of your application too.

Which benefits will you get after WPC-ETA Certification?

WPC-ETA certification has many advantages such as protecting consumers and avoiding legal conflicts. Without a WPC-ETA certificate, your devices will be considered illegal and they could be seized by the authorities. This certification also ensures quality and safety, which can give you an advantage in the Indian market by building trust. It also helps to protect the environment by ensuring that certified wireless devices minimise their environmental impact too. This certification also shows that wireless devices are compatible with Indian networks, and help to improve network performance. 

The devices that have been tested by this certification and meet certain standards of quality and safety wins customer trust and increase sales in various markets.

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