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Valentine’s Day has long been a time to express love with roses. The beauty and dedication of a rose bouquet as a gesture of love have endured. Roses are still the most intriguing sign of love, despite the abundance of other options like dark chocolate and plush animals.

However, have you considered Valentine’s Day flowers’ lasting significance? Beyond their beauty and perfume, what makes roses the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to express our deepest feelings for that special someone?

Let’s discuss roses for Valentines, which come in several colours and convey love, appreciation, longing, or passion.

History of Rose


Sending flowers as a token of affection on Valentine’s Day is an age-old custom. Sending a bouquet as a token of affection has been around since the Victorian era. It was through this method, called “floriography,” that the rose came to represent love and passion. Furthermore, various rose colours signify different things; for example, red roses symbolise love, pink roses symbolise gratitude, yellow roses symbolise friendship, and white roses denote innocence. For this reason, the red rose is both classic and perfect for sending on Valentine’s Day.


Why Roses Make the Best Valentine’s Day Gift


Here are some points:


  1. Love’s Language


Heard the one about how flowers can communicate with one another? People have been communicating through floral arrangements since the 17th century, giving rise to “the language of flowers.” You can still participate in the tradition of giving roses of different colours, each with its symbolic meaning. When you’re stuck for words in a poem or card, let the flowers do the talking. 


  1. An Evergreen Love Symbol


An organic present is the most environmentally conscious choice. One of the greenest and most eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift options is a bouquet of roses. Roses, rather than the more traditional pink or red, are a great eco-friendly option for your Valentine if they are deeply concerned about protecting the planet.


  1. Romance Signal


Do you know what the five love languages are? Everyone has their unique way of showing and receiving love, according to this notion. Words of affirmation may be the most comforting to some, while physical touch or selfless acts provide greater joy to others. A gift-oriented language is one of several types of love languages. Knowing that your significant other put thought into selecting a thoughtful present is meaningful to gift recipients. If your significant other enjoys receiving gifts, you can show your support by getting them a bouquet of roses in their favourite colour.


  1. Soulful Tradition


One wonderful aspect of starting a family is developing traditions. If you and your Valentine are planning to spend more time together in the future, this Valentine’s Day could be the beginning of a new tradition. An annual bouquet or arrangement sent with a greeting card might be a lovely way to commemorate the occasion. It could be something as easy as always giving your special someone a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day, or it could be something completely out of the ordinary. 


  1. Transient Beauty, Lasting Love


Is originality essential for a meaningful romantic gesture? Because of their timeless romantic symbolism and exquisite beauty, luxury box roses have long been a Valentine’s Day gift favourite. When the weather outside is dreary, a beautiful bouquet can be a source of warmth and joy. Roses, with their transient bloom, are here to brighten our lives and bring a smile to our faces. 


  1. Aesthetics That Last


A bouquet of roses is a classic expression of love and devotion. The beauty and vitality of preserved roses, known as “forever roses,” persist for a long time, making them an ideal token of love and gratitude. Because of how long they last, they are perfect for giving as a gesture of appreciation or love.


Roses have become worldwide emblems of love and devotion throughout the years. When you send a Valentine’s Day bouquet, it’s like saying “I love you!” in a way that no one can misunderstand.


What Does the Meaning of the Rose Colour It?


Expert in floral arrangements advises that while sending roses on Valentine’s Day is a tried-and-true method, the roses’ colour needs to reflect your genuine emotions.


The most common flower to send on Valentine’s Day is a red rose because it is the traditional way to express love. Nevertheless, consider colours other than red for this year’s party. Love is the obvious focus on Valentine’s Day, but there’s usually so much more to rejoice about when it comes to our loved ones. Fortunately, there is a shade of rose to match almost any emotion or thought.


How Can You Interpret the Rose’s Colour?


The thoughtful gesture of sending roses on Valentine’s Day conveys a multitude of emotions, from adoration and commitment to friendship. If you’re in the business of sending or receiving roses, you might be interested to know that the most popular colours have specific meanings. 


This yellow rose means “We’re friends and I care about you.”


The colour yellow symbolises camaraderie. Sending yellow roses to a dear friend on Valentine’s Day is a common practice, yet the colour can also represent new beginnings or remembering a loved one. If you want to lift someone’s spirits and make them, feel more optimistic, just look at a yellow object. The sun’s rays, symbolised by yellow roses—once considered to convey jealousy—make them an ideal expression of your gratitude and friendship. On February 14th, send red or pink roses if you’re romantically interested in the receiver; yellow roses could mean your content to remain pals.


Red-tipped yellow: “I’m falling in love with you” 


If you’re interested in more than just being friends with someone, sending them a bouquet of stunning sunset roses is a great way to express your feelings.


White rose means “I am the one for you” 


White roses, the traditional bridal flower, are said to represent innocence, purity, and new love. One way to express your devotion and loyalty on Valentine’s Day is with a bouquet of white roses. As a symbol of a fresh beginning and optimism for the future, white roses are a beautiful choice for blossoming relationships. If you’ve just met and are starting a relationship, send a bunch of exquisite white roses.


Pink roses means “thank you.”


Pink roses show thanks, generosity, admiration, affection, and appreciation, making them the finest Valentine’s Day gift for a friend. This flexible feminine shade makes a fantastic present for moms, sisters, and friends. Some claim darker pinks represent gratitude and appreciation, while lighter ones elegance and kindness. Pink flowers are fantastic for new relationships and Valentine’s Day gifts for friends since they convey gratitude.


Red roses say “I love you”.


Red roses say it all when words fail. The colour red is often associated with many positive emotions, including admiration, adrenaline, romance, bravery, beauty, and even congratulations. Red roses and other crimson flowers have won the hearts of lovers worldwide for ages. The colour red expresses fervour, longing, and reverence. If you want to show someone how much you care, give them a bouquet of red roses. Red roses, a traditional Valentine’s Day flower, are a timeless and universally loved token of your devotion.


“Let’s celebrate a new beginning”—Black Rose


Especially when it comes to delivering roses to loved ones on Valentine’s Day, black roses are probably the last thing on your mind. Black roses exude an aura of intrigue while being a very dark shade of red. As a sign of impending change or renewal, they might serve as a metaphor for a fresh start. Another way to show your eternal love is with a bouquet of black roses mixed with more typical red flowers.


Peach Rose Meaning – “Let’s create a Valentine’s Day to remember”


“Let’s make this Valentine’s Day remember,” say peach-coloured roses. This calming hue conveys appreciation. If you want to say, “Let’s get together,” use peach flowers, which signify intimacy.


Orange roses ensure “I want you in my life.”


Orange flowers will win their hearts. This bright colour may also represent a desire for love. Giving orange or coral roses implies you care and want them in your life.


Colour of flowers conveys gift’s meaning. If roses don’t suit you, they have many Valentine’s Day flower arrangements with bright tulips and lilies to brighten you up.


One of these Valentine’s Day presents will enhance our flowers.




Red roses are classic valentines day gift due to their beauty and link with love and passion. Red Valentine’s Day flowers are a timeless tradition. Red roses are a classic Valentine’s Day gift for a lover, whether you’ve been together for years or just met.

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