Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
custom HANDLE boxes

As businesses or companies grow, so does their need to market their products or services increase effectively. One of the main goals of marketing and branding is to boost sales and earn valuable revenue using these custom handle boxes. They can be very influential in achieving the targeted goals.

Product status and its position matter a lot for the success of the brand and to improve that position every brand invests its money in quality improvement. The main purpose behind improving product positioning is to build a better image of the brand in the market. When it comes to improving brand image, custom flip top boxes are the first choice of every brand that works in different states of the USA. 

Custom boxes are durable and reliable packaging solutions for all products. These boxes provide extreme protection during the delivery of heavy products or light. The beautiful handle on the top of the packaging makes it simple to carry. Continue discussion!

Importance Of Handle Boxes

Custom box with handle are the best way to package a large variety of products that are easy to customize as per your design preference, remaining within your budget. They can protect the products, easy to customize, and store them well during storage and transportation. 

By using these custom boxes, you can provide a memorable experience to your target buyer base and force them to buy your products. Furthermore, these custom handle packaging boxes come in different types of handles and are the perfect option for packaging a large variety of products. Different types of handles are:

  • Paper handle
  • Plastic handle
  • Nylon handle


These handles are formed in their sub-groups that are used for different products in the retail market.

Products Come In Handle-Style Boxes

  • Fast food products
  • Gifts and toy items
  • Makeup and cosmetic items
  • Goodies and giveaways
  • Children products
  • Different accessories
  • Garments packaging

There are also different other products that come in these flip top gift boxes. In the food industry, paper-based boxes are highly used for packaging fast foods and small-size bakery products such as tarts, pies, cupcakes, tapers, pizzas, and other products.

Stunning Packaging Of Custom Handle Boxes

Handle boxes are totally different unique packaging styles. Your competitors may not consider it. This is the golden chance to grow your business fast and boost your branding. You can make the boxes according to the demand, concept, and ideas of your customers. They can be able to stand out in the market from the competitors.

How to take your business one step ahead with boxes? With the customization of custom handle boxes, you can go ahead of your rivals. You can print catchy images or texts on the packaging so customers attract or love the products which may help to increase sales.  

Become Prominent Your Brand

To stand your product on the retail shelf, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Place your logo on your custom boxes with handles. Make sure that your logo size is appropriate. It should not be so small that customers find it hard to read. Likewise, too large will take up more space and not give customers a good impression. 
  • You can also add beautiful artwork on cardboard handle boxes

to accentuate your products among the crowd. Be careful, and don’t create a mess by pasting irrelevant images. 

  • The illustration or artwork should be consistent with the product. For example, if the packaging is for mascara, you can use eye illustrations.  
  • Another option to make your box beautiful is to employ decorative add-ons such as embossing, golden foiling, and hot stamping.  

Budget-Friendly Branding Tool

Custom boxes also work as a cost-effective branding tool for your brand. It lets people differentiate your brand. When you insert your brand slogan, logo, colors, or anything related to it, it leaves an influencing mark on the minds of customers. Whenever they want to have a specific product related to your company, you will be the first one to appear in their minds.

Boost Sales

If are you worried about the sales of your products and don’t know what to do then you are at the right place. Here I’m telling you a pro tip about how you can give a boost to your sales. Just do one simple thing, try to enhance the presentation of your products, You can easily do that with the proper use of custom boxes. When you use boxes, it provides a boost to your sales by enhancing customer impression of your brand and its products.


With the use of custom handle boxes, your brand can easily improve its status and image in the market. Apart from improving image presentation boxes also help in the building of a credible image of your brand in the market.