Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Sex is an extremely important and beautiful component of the human experience. It’s a bridge for you to achieve the aim that is intimacy and love with your spouse.

It makes you feel valued and appreciated, which boosts confidence in yourself and builds an emotional bond with the person. In actual fact, sex is an integral part of our lives.

It’s an avenue to self-discovery as well as an opportunity to connect to the universe in an intimate, meaningful and profound way. If this part of our lives is damaged it could cause an enormous strain on physical as well as mental health.

The real question is: are our sex lives eternal? It’s not true and everything is subject to expiration dates and sex is no exception. Therefore, today’s article is focused on exactly the same issue i.e. when will men quit ejaculating? If so, then at what point? When does sexual contact stop?

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What Is Ejaculation?

Ejaculation is an action or part of sexual activity that can be experienced by both females and males. When coitus occurs, when both women and men get to the top of their orgasms the fluid is released through the private organs of their bodies i.e. the penis erect for men and vagina in females. This is the reason why the condition is often called coming.

The substance known as ejaculated, or cum, is a semi-liquid, sticky white material that we are familiar with as semen. This product helps keep the cycle of reproduction in motion.

How Does Ejaculation Work in Men?

In the beginning, the entire process of ejaculation is split into two phases. We’ll discuss it in a moment, but let’s look at how the fundamental ejaculation works first.

While ejaculation starts with an erect penis nervous system is actually controlling the process. It is managed by spinal cords as well as reproductive system’s connected nerves.

The spinal cord’s nerves drive semen out of the penis erect after an appropriate level of stimulation is achieved.

The two phases of ejaculation

Stage of emission:

Firstly, that sperms in epididymis is moved via a tube like structure until the urethra’s entrance.

However, it’s not an easy process since sperms don’t possess their own mobility. They are supported by seminal plasma and oxygen in order to get to the urethra.

Stage of Expulsion:

Once the sperms leave the epididymis, the muscle known as ductus deferens start to shrink in order to prevent the semen from returning. Then the muscle bulbocavernosus begins to work to remove the urethra of the semen.

Do Men Stop Ejaculating Ever?

To be honest, there’s no definitive answer to this issue, since a variety of factors can influence the ejaculation process.

For example, age and medical conditions and relationship quality, lifestyle choices, and many others.

The Aging Effect: Changes in Men’s Ejaculations;

Most of the time, age is the main reason behind males to have a lower frequency of ejaculation because as we age, those muscles that are involved in process also diminish.

In addition, the production of sperm and quality decreases with age. In a nutshell the two factors of sexual activity and age are two elements that are closely connected. But, it is important to note that this isn’t completely gone.

Why Do Men Stop Ejaculating?

If you’re experiencing problems with ejaculation, it could be medical issues at play. For instance,

Premature ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction


Retrograde ejaculation

In addition, low libido hormone imbalances and certain medications may cause a decline in frequency of ejaculation.

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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation?

If you want to stop premature ejaculation, without using medications, here are some well-known steps that are effective well (but could take time);

Meditation, relaxation techniques and yoga with exercise for the pelvic floor. Finding different ways to impress your spouse. Experimenting with different sex positions that can delay the ejaculation process

Constantly following healthy lifestyle choices which exclude binge drinking smoking, and addiction to drugs. But, since all of these require a significant amount of time. You might want to consider Super Fildena or Cenforce D to accelerate the process.


What age should one stop from ejaculating? In fact, there’s no age at which you can stop ejaculating as it is not a natural process you can regulate. It’s all dependent on the health of our body as we have discussed previously.

Furthermore, health conditions that are major such as diabetes, heart issues high blood pressure, ED etc. can greatly contribute to the issue. ED remains a significant issue for men who are older. Don’t let your sagging penis ruin your sex experience, seek out an accredited medical professional to manage it.