Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024
CBSE international schoolCBSE international school

Education is not only about learning academic concepts. It is about developing necessary life skills and learning creative ways to deal with challenges. Therefore, during Indian high school admission also, parents should follow a strategic approach and choose a CBSE international school that focuses on holistic development rather than sticking to the set curriculum.

One of the skills that is crucial for students of every age group is writing! Unfortunately, most students experience that they don’t get the expected score despite knowing all the concepts by heart. In this, their writing skills are to be blamed. They need to present their answers better, which leads to lower-than-expected scores. Moreover, writing is a communication skill only those who can express themselves in words can master! Some of the other benefits of writing skills include:

  • It sharpens the creativity level in children and boosts their imagination, helping them express themselves effortlessly.
  • Writing skills support academic success as the students can answer their exams well and write their SOPs and other significant documents themselves.
  • Better writing skills improve academic performance and widen the knowledge base. Thus, it increases children’s confidence level, giving them a sense of fulfillment.
  • Writing skills also help improve the memory function of students. Furthermore, once an individual starts liking it, it might as well turn into a productive hobby!

Countless other benefits support the fact that every student should work on improving their writing skill. Parents and teachers should conduct regular activities where students write about different topics, eventually enabling them to write many significant documents.

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