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Health These themes are suitable for life: WordPress themes for personal trainers magazines, blogs business, private coaches. They are the ideal option to begin with a lifestyle website or blog.

We take a look at a number of factors when conducting our selection process.

We first make sure that all our templates are top quality (responsive and fast-loading).

Then, we look at feedback from our customers (existing reviews from customers).

Then, we try it out for ourselves (each demonstration, the layout of the elements on the page sections,, and elements).

It lets us use only the best themes that are easy to install, yet give excellent results.

Best Lifestyle WordPress Themes

Gillion (Trending Item)

Gillion is one of the WordPress theme designed specifically for blogs and websites which are lifestyle-focused. It was developed using the WPBakery page builders as well as it is built on the Unyson framework. It includes 17+ demonstrations that have been pre-built in different styles.

Gillion is a user-friendly, robust interface that is easy to use. It can be customized and could produce code that is not required. For layout, a wonderful and fully custom live customization tool is available.

Have fun arranging 12 custom widgets using the six different styles of blogs and different formats for posting, and other.Health, In addition, Gillion offers four sets of headers as well as the upper bars that is able to integrate social icons.

Your documentation is up-to-date The documentation will be complete, and you’ll have the support of a customer support department! Make your own ideas with Gillion!


MagPlus is a trendy and gorgeous Lifestyle magazine using an WordPress theme. It’s a multi-purpose application with numerous demos and homepages, so make sure you choose the best one. It’s as simple and entertaining as you can get. Lifestyle bloggers like you will love it!

MagPlus gives you unlimited gallery options with a range of sliders for video and choices. It also includes Yellow Pencil and Jumbo integrated to give your gallery a trendy appearance.Health, The installation process is easy because it comes with more than 30 shortcodes, as well as numerous pre-built elements.

It’s possible to set the component in any position to make a distinctive display that showcases the most recent technology. It’s also designed to be fast and efficient for search engines.

MagPlus can be used for businesses, with WooCommerce compatibility. It also provides Text translation. Get started now to create and gain the effect you’ve always wanted with MagPlus!


PenNews is a clear and responsive WordPress magazine theme that is ideal for websites that have an active, Whatever your business, PenNews ensures that your blog will appear contemporary and stylish.

Sleek demos set you up overnight. Modify their look and feel with the sophisticated settings for WPCustomizer as well as WPBakery.

Create your own blog and make it a brand in just a few minutes.

The appealing designs of your posts will help you tell your story in a way that is appropriate. Expand your reach by utilizing excellent SEO and a broad range in Social Media integration. Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles allow your blog’s posts to quickly become viral.

With more than 40 pages of information, PenNews is never at the point of becoming ineffective. Let PenNews take your website to the top of the ladder!


With Sway it’s possible to turn any blog an actual reality. Whatever topics you select and topics you’d like to research it is possible to create blogs by using Sway. It’s possible to use it as an everyday WordPress theme, too.

Sway’s simplicity Sway is able to accommodate any preferences, no matter how careful it is.

Additionally, Sway perfectly syncs with mobile devices’ SEO as well as rapid loading. Everyone will be delighted to read your content traveling and even at home.


Health, Stay up to date in your field by playing using the Succulents Lifestyle WordPress theme.

With a variety of headers for web frames as well as other pages to select from (and alter if needed) It is not necessary to worry about being outdated.

The endless possibilities that are available with the amazing and unique Succulents is a pleasure. You’ll have the flexibility of Succulent’s amazing features that help simplify web design.

Succulents were created to fulfill the objectives of SEO and social media There’s no reason to worry about it.

Succulents is a reliable application that is compatible with the latest web standards and technologies. It is extremely easy and user-friendly to those who are new. Finding a good spot online is much easier than you thought.


Every business can stand out from the rest when it is true to its goals.

This is what Dalia is known for. As opposed to other themes that concentrate only on the functions of an item, Dalia’s style of WordPress theme has demonstrated the WOW factor through bringing the site to life.

How do developers accomplish this? By using high-resolution images, obviously. Your website could be the online representation of your brand, by ensuring that the website runs smoothly. website.

Even though Dalia is a hit in this area however, it also offers many possibilities for personalization.

It’s very efficient and well documented. Thanks to its innovative and unique demonstrations that are ready-to-use as well as other features that you can utilize Dalia to the extent you feel will meet your needs.


The design of a lifestyle website using InHype as the template InHype is simple. You won’t only have all the material for a demo and you’ll also not need codes.

InHype is also a guarantee that your blog will run smoothly on all devices. What’s more? It’s optimized for speed and SEO as well.

Other outstanding InHype features include animation components and load-more functions, as well as dark and lighting menus and much more. InHype provides extensive documentation and customer service to make sure you will never lose touch with other users.

Start your adventurous blog now.


If you’re looking to build the perfect website, start by using Ceris. Chris is packed with options that will allow you for launching your blog as soon as possible when you’re frequent travelers.

Instead of tackling the entire task yourself You can create incredible work with this modern WordPress theme that requires short time to finish.

Many unique features make Ceris exceptional. From emoji-based reaction and AMP Support, to infinite scrolling as well as fully-adjustable headers and spacing, they’re all available in Ceris as well as several other features you can benefit from.


There are many options, ZooexPress can open after you’ve added your artistic creativity; the possibilities are infinite.

Keep this thought in mind as you you can design your perfect lifestyle blog that is simple to style and to enhance to match your personal style. In addition, ZoxPress will never ask for any expertise in programming.

The layout is fluid in flow, and it is made to work with any modern size screen. Particularly for mobile devices, ExPress is compatible in conjunction with Google’s AMP and provides the highest loading speeds.

The other features available include review, slide show of the post as well as a sticky sidebar for endless scrolling and Disqus commenting. Your content will be accessible through an internet-based blog that is made possible by ZoxPress.


Noemi is a simple and minimalist theme with various unique design tools specifically designed specifically for lifestyle bloggers.

The layouts in the demo from Noemi are great for modern design lifestyle, food as well as architecture and lifestyle bloggers.

The unique overlap features make for a user-friendly website perfect for blogs with a lot of content.

If you try on mobile devices, it’ll be clear that nothing is exempt. Particularly, lifestyle WordPress themes are deliberately not showing the sidebars in a responsive manner. Health,However, Noemi’s does.

Lifestyle is one of the areas in which you have to be aware of the content you’ll post. The variety of posts you can create for images, videos slideshows, slide galleries, or even podcasts you may host is beneficial.

While we have to struggle with external plugins There are all types of posts configured to use.


Tripster is an innovative and enthralling life WordPress theme that comes with seven different demos that will help you begin your blog with style.Health, The content you write must be engaging and require an excellent website. That’s why Tripster can be a part of your.

There’s no need to create everything from scratch. Layouts, features, and other important elements are already established to make it simpler for you to work with them.

A few of the features offered by Tripster are Elementor, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid Online store element and the integration of social networks.

You are able to alter the appearance of Tripster as you wish, keep the default layout and make your blog easily accessible.


Wellspring is a theme designed for magazines and blogs and lifestyle companies. It also features powerful blog layouts, as well as a customized forum template to serve the community The theme is able to meet the needs of all businesses.

Furthermore, by adding custom widgets, such as the BMI calculator as well as a timetable, you’ll soon be on your way to establishing the lifestyle brand that’s more than just a blog.

The Wellspring template is a great way to present your brand a modern and modern design, and is accompanied by a responsive design.

Layouts on your web pages are perfectly designed, with clear and tidy structures and placing your content at the top of the list. The colors you pick for your essential UI elements, like tags, aid in distinguishing your content from others.

The footer of Wellspring comes with four different widgets that can be used to advertise your company’s name and details as well as form submissions.

The Wellspring Premium Lifestyle theme for WordPress is an all-inclusive package. It’s vibrant, vibrant and packed with the most recent features.

Health Coach

Its Health Coach blog theme combines two elements of the life-style business, namely having a web-based profile as well as an efficient and flexible layout for your blog to show your blog’s content.

Nowadays, a lot of the most popular lifestyle blogs are based on brands that are owned by a single person.

One great example among them, one of them is the Wellness Mama project. Their Wellness Mama homepage has many appealing links as well as promotional deals. But, it is an online lifestyle site. Health Coach targets similar needs.

It is a favorite among fitness lifestyle, food nutrition, lifestyle yoga, meditation, and recipes websites. ThemeREX is the backend of the site. It’s a powerful WordPress custom framework.

The control of the appearance and feel of your WordPress site is easy. You can also use the native support provided by the well-known drag-and-drop builders WPBakery which allows you to create hundreds of designs. Your layouts.

Updates are automatically scheduled which means your website will be safe and up-to date in the event of an event of an emergency.

Have a great time working with a Fitness Coach.


You’ve probably visited a lifestyle website based around this model, but you can’t locate it today. This is because of Authentic’s versatility and vast customizable options.

It’s a great option for bloggers who want to run their blogs in a modern and sleek design. From custom headers to posts to layouts for homepages the Authentic theme is unique due to its distinct understanding of of blogs that concentrate on life.

The Authentic theme lets you display portfolios and content online products, ads and reviews that are custom!

Designers have stated that their main goal is design quality, not the amount of options available for personalization.

After reviewing the reviews of customers We find that Authentic is known for its flexibility as well as top-quality customer service.

You’ll be in safe hand with Authentic.


TopFit is a different central theme framework that is designed for businesses which are focused on living the healthy way of life. The variety of homepage styles is ideal for fitness, lifestyle and health-related initiatives.

It’s simple to create your own business of your own with the best theme. Thanks, TopFit!

Contrary to other Lifestyle WordPress themes, TopFit features the full wide. This usually happens when there are bright and lively elements in it. This is exactly the case with TopFit. TopFit TopFit lets you bring in prototype designs with just a single click. All you need do is choose the one you like best. In addition, the WPBakery site built-in support makes it easy to modify your pages.

Lifestyle blogs boast the highest proportions of comments in other categories.

The blog’s design for comments is flawless and easy to navigate even with the hundreds of comments that come in. Take it to the highest of the list with TopFit.