Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Make Your Google Mobile Scratches FreeMake Your Google Mobile Scratches Free

TheyToday, there’s nearly every electronic gadget within your home, from televisions to mobile phones. Whatever you’re, there’s an opportunity to accidently scratch the surface of your device. This is the reason why a lot of companies have begun to include the protection of coatings on their devices. This reduces the chance of scratching by increasing the amount of grit needed to determine what is considered acceptable scratching the coating. You should ensure that you’re Google smartphone is shielded against scratches to the greatest extent is possible by using the help of a smartphone skin design template. It is important to regularly inspect and ensure that the coating is maintained. It is easy to do so with a cloth, dipped in vinegar solution or lemon juice every now and then. They  introduced innovations that protect your phone from scratches more.

Google Play Protect

Google has launched a brand new feature named “Play Protect” that helps protect your device from malware and viruses. It is available automatically on Pixel devices, however you are able to enable it for other devices. To activate this feature, for your device, go to the Settings app, then scroll down to ” Security” and then scroll down ” Security “. It is then possible to activate ” Play Protect ” under the Security settings. Once you have enabled this option for your phone, Google will scan the applications on your device and let you know if it finds that they have been found to be unsafe. In addition, it will let you know if the apps are blocked from using them as well as find out how long they were disabled for, so it is possible to remove them from your phone if you’re concerned about their safety.

Daydream Quality Care

Google has also developed an innovative feature called “Daydream Quality Care” that instantly detects the level of quality in your VR experience, and then improves the experience. It is activated in default on Pixel devices. However, you may also activate it on other gadgets. To enable this feature, on your device, simply open the Settings app, then scroll to the bottom to ” VR Quality and Management “. You can then configure The daydream Quality Care to automatically detect the level of quality you get from your VR experience, and automatically adjust it for you to get the most enjoyable experience possible.

Finish Screen Care

As well as the above ways to protect yourself. Google has added an innovative feature called “Finish Screen Care” that will help keep the surface of your device free from scratch marks. This feature is activated in default on Pixel devices. You may also activate it on other gadgets. To activate this feature, on your device, simply open the Settings application, then scroll down and then select ” Display “. It is then possible to create “Finish Screen Care” to constantly scan the device for the surface of your device. afterwards, clean it with an easy-to-clean cloth.

Fingerprint Care

A security researcher discovered a method to fool the fingerprint sensor in the Google Pixel device’s skin template. This allowed them to fool the sensor and trick the phone into unlocking its device. Google promptly patched the flaw and also informed Pixel users be cautious with their fingerprint sensor in the wake of this occurrence. In a show of kindness.

The Pixel company has automated cleaning the fingerprint sensor of your Pixel device every week. If you’d prefer to prevent the system to clean the fingerprint sensor on your device and you want to turn it off, simply remove it from “Fingerprint & Security”.

Security with a Case

The right case can aid in protecting the Google Pixel device against scratches. It is possible to choose the right case to protect your Pixel that has a high-end finish which has a similar look as the case on your smartphone. Additionally, you could choose a case that has an integrated screen protector that will ensure that your display is protected from scratch marks. For your protection, make sure the Pixel is secure. Select a case with high-end finish with similar textures to the surface of your phone.


Google Pixel has proven to be a fantastic phone to use to use for gaming, photography, and also for watching video. It can, however, be used to make calls as well as sending text messages. This is why you should ensure the security of your Pixel phone using the techniques that were mentioned earlier to prevent any chance of scratching. Furthermore, these strategies are also a great way to keep your Pixel phone looking new for longer time. Google Pixel is a stunning smartphone that introduces brand the latest features of Android and utilizes modern technologies.

The phone features a breathtaking 5 inch Pixel XL display and a powerful Qualcomm Secure processor 12.3-megapixel cameras on the rear, as well as a front camera of 5-megapixels Your Pixel can handle whatever the day brings. It can be used to make calls, read texts, or sending photos as well as videos to your friends and relatives. If you’re looking for an excellent phone that has great options and incredible design and design, then Google Pixel is the phone to choose from.

It’s built well and features a high-end design and experience. It comes with the fingerprint sensor which allows you to easily unlock your device and ensure that only the individuals you would like to be able to read your messages are granted access. It is built to take any collision and made to shield your phone from physical damages, which makes it the perfect choice to protect your phone.