Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The MacBook is a sleek marvel of technology that promises to be by our side through thick and thin, late night binge watching sessions, and last minute assignments. But what happens when your trusty companion decides it’s time for a little nap, a nap so deep, not even the most desperate pleas or frantic button mashing can wake it from its slumber. Yes, we’re talking about the dreaded scenario where your MacBook simply refuses to turn on. A dead MacBook can’t be any better than an oddly expensive paperweight. MacBook Repair in Chennai will offer you the repair service and help you to know the possible reasons why it is not turning on.

Let’s figure out the reasons why the MacBook is not turning:

Faulty Cable or Charger: A faulty cable or charger won’t charge your MacBook. In case you are using a low-quality charger, these chargers are unable to provide any security features to protect the MacBook from power surges.

Battery Depletion: Check if your MacBook battery has some charge left or not. Connect your MacBook to the power adapter before turning it on.

Software Glitches: If the operating system gets affected by any critical errors or bugs, it can crash and force the MacBook to shut down randomly and prevent the MacBook from booting.

Hardware Malfunction: Hardware problems take place due to physical damage, wear and tear, manufacturing defects, extreme temperature, or poor-quality accessories. That can lead to power button failure, RAM issues, or damaged internal components and result in turn-on problems.

Overheating: MacBooks are not designed to withstand high temperatures, and they can lead to permanent damage, like a swollen battery, a warped screen, or even melt the internal components. And it can trigger the safety mechanism that prevents the MacBook from turning on.

Liquid Damage: Spilling water or any other liquid on your MacBook can be dangerous. It can short-circuit and damage the internal components.

Drops: Accidental drops can cause vulnerable damage, they can become dented and lead to permanent damage and even prevent the MacBook from turning on.

All the reasons  mentioned above can prevent your MacBook from turning on. If your MacBook is also a victim of any such type of damage, MacBook Repair in Chennai will provide you with the quick fixes that may help you to deal with it.

Check if your MacBook battery has charge:

Check if your Mac has any battery life left. Disconnect and reconnect the power adapter. If you have an older MacBook, your MagSafe cable will show you a green light if the computer is charged and amber if it’s still charging. Try to only use Apple-made cables. They are more likely to be safe for your MacBook and not put extra strain on your battery life. Also, don’t forget to check the power outlet, in case you’re using a faulty one.

Boot up: Try to turn on your MacBook by pressing the power button. Check if the fans are making a sound. If yes, then it might be a software-related issue. If it doesn’t boot at all then it might be due to a hardware malfunction.

Disconnect the keyboard, mouse, USB, and external hard drive to make sure they don’t get affected. If nothing has changed, you need to do a force restart.

Force Restart: Shut down your Mac by pressing the power button. Unplug all the power cables. Hold the power button for 10 more seconds. Restart the Mac as usual.

Initiate Recovery Mode: Make sure your Mac is completely shut down. Hold down command + R and turn your MacBook back on. You’ll see a new window pop up with some options to choose from. Click disk utility and continue. Select your hard drive, and click on First Aid. After the process is complete, turn your MacBook off and on.

Restart in Safe Mode: Press and hold shift, release shift when your MacBook starts up in safe mode.

Reset NVRAM: Hold down command + option + P + R and turn on your MacBook, release the buttons after hearing the second startup sound.

Reset SMC: Press shift + control + option and power up.

Reinstall OS: Take a backup, using a second MacBook and a thunderbolt cable. Connect the two MacBooks, turn off your MacBook, press and hold T and turn on your MacBook, until the cable icon appears. Now your MacBook’s hard drive should appear as an external one on the other MacBook’s finder. Copy the files to the other MacBook. Restart your MacBook in Recovery Mode and select the reinstall macOS option from the menu.

If your MacBook is still enjoying its nap after trying the quick fixes, then it’s time to reach the repair provider for MacBook Repair in Chennai. Choose a service provider with the help of customer reviews and testimonies. For getting  a high-quality service, communicate with an expert technician and mention the issues you are facing. Ask for the amount of repair. Also, mention which MacBook model you are using.