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Interior designers in LahoreInterior designers in Lahore

In the bustling city of Lahore in which history and modernity are seamlessly interspersed. And design for interiors has evolved into an art form that is thriving. The heart of every space is in the interior. Lahore has a wide array of designers for interiors who can transform ordinary spaces into amazing artworks. In this article, we dive into the realm of design for interiors in Lahore and celebrate the talent and talent of a few of the city’s most talented designers.

Farida Hassan Interior Design:

Farida Hassan, a name that is synonymous with sophistication and elegance is one of the most well-known interior designers in Lahore. With a professional career that spans two decades, she’s got an impressive collection of commercial and residential projects. Farida is a specialist in designing interiors that are reflective of the distinct personal preferences and tastes for her patrons. Her designs combine contemporary and traditional elements, creating spaces that radiate warmth and timeless.

Naheed Mashooqullah Interiors:

Naheed Mashooqullah is an innovator in the Lahore interior design scene. With an acute focus on the finer details and a determination to quality, she has consistently produced stunning designs that leave an unforgettable impression. Her designs range from lavish houses to chic cafes as well as her capacity to fill every space with personality and style sets her apart. Naheed’s designs usually have intricate woodwork, rich colors and a blend of influences from all over the world.

Yasmeen Jiwa Interiors:

Yasmeen Jiwa is known for her ability to design services elegant and welcoming interiors.  She believes that each space should have a unique story and her work reflects this premise. It doesn’t matter if the space is contemporary or a traditional home her designs effortlessly capture what she believes to be the core of her customers lives.

Ahmed Pervaiz Interiors:

Ahmed Pervaiz is known for breaking the limits of traditional style of interiors and design Lahore. His innovative approach to design and utilization of materials has earned his a loyal fan base. Ahmed’s designs typically feature striking colors, geometric patterns and furniture that is unique. Ahmed is a firm believer of creating spaces that evoke emotions and ignite conversations.

Sarah Tariq Interiors:

Sarah Tariq is a rising name in the Lahore’s Interior design industry. Her contemporary and modern designs have been gaining popularity with the young generation.  She is sensitive to the needs of urban dwellers and creates designs that maximise the space and ease.


In Lahore Interior design in Lahore isn’t just about aesthetics, but telling stories, experimenting and creating spaces that connect with the people who live in them. It doesn’t matter if you like classical elegant, contemporary minimalism or bold experiments there’s an interior design expert in Lahore waiting to make your dream come to life. Explore their varied abilities and begin the journey of transforming your home into a masterpiece of design and function.


What’s the price to employ an interior decorator in Lahore?

Cost of hiring an interior design professional in Lahore is contingent on the size that the design project will take, as well as the experience of the designer and the material used. Designer fees can be charged in the form of a percentage of project’s cost or per hour.

Can interior designers from Lahore be involved in commercial and residential projects?

Many interior design professionals in Lahore have worked in commercial and residential projects. They are able to modify their life styles of design to meet the particular requirements and needs for each kind of project.

What is the time frame to finish an Interior Design project Lahore?

The timeframe for the interior design projects in Lahore depends on the degree of magnitude and complexity. Smaller residential projects could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to two months, while commercial projects can take several months to finish.

What factors should I take into consideration when I am hiring an interior decorator in Lahore?

When you’re looking for an interior decorator in Lahore look at aspects like their portfolio, experience, style, budget and their communication abilities. It is essential to choose the right designer whose style is compatible with your ideals and whom you are able to effectively communicate.

Do interior designers from Lahore procure furniture and materials to complete the project?

Yes, a lot of interior design firms in Lahore provide full-service design services. Which include the purchase of furniture, materials and other decor elements for your project. They can assist you in selecting and acquire everything required for bringing your vision to life. While remaining within the budget you have set.

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