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budget friendly Srinagar trip

Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is a place of unparalleled natural beauty. Here’s a guide to help you plan a budget friendly Srinagar trip from Mumbai. Kashmir is famous for its Dal Lake, lush Mughal gardens, and scenic houseboats. That further makes it a dream destination for many tourists.

However, planning a trip from Mumbai to Srinagar on a budget can be challenging. But fear not, this guide will help in how to plan a budget friendly trip. It will further give essential tips. That will help you make the most of your journey in budget.

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1: The Right Time to Visit

Time is very crucial to have an enjoyable and pleasant trip to any region. First step in planning a budget friendly Srinagar trip is choosing the right time to visit.

The peak tourist season in Srinagar is during the summer months from May to September. During this period the weather is pleasant. It is also when prices for hotels and activities are at their highest.

To save money, consider traveling during the shoulder seasons. That are spring (March to April) and autumn (October to November).

During these times, you can enjoy pleasant weather and beautiful scenery. Above all, there is very less crowds and low prices.

2: Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

To get the best deals on flights from Mumbai to Srinagar, be flexible with travel dates. Use flight comparison websites and apps to track fares and choose the most affordable options. Mid week flights are often cheaper than weekend flights, so consider adjusting your schedule accordingly.

In addition, book your flights well in advance can help you secure lower fares. Further, keep an eye out for airline promotions and discounts to maximize your savings.

3: Opt for Budget Friendly Stay

Stay can be a major expense on any trip. But there are budget friendly options available in Srinagar. However, instead of staying in lavish hotels, consider these options.


Srinagar is famous for its houseboats. They offer a unique and affordable lodging experience.

You can further find various houseboats with various price ranges. Therefore, do your research and book one that fits your budget.

Guesthouses and Homestays

There are many guest houses and home stays in Srinagar. They further provide pleasant and budget friendly stays. Staying with locals also offers a more real experience.

Budget Hotels

Srinagar has several budget hotels. They further offer clean and nice rooms without breaking the bank. Look for options in the city center or near Dal Lake for ease.

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4: Plan Your Itinerary Wisely

To make the most of your budget friendly trip to Srinagar, plan your schedule wisely. Choose the activities and place that interest you the most and fit within your budget. Some must visit places in Srinagar meanwhile include.

Dal Lake

A Shikara ride on Dal Lake is a must do activity. Further, negotiate prices with boat operators to get a good deal.

Mughal Gardens

Visit Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh for a taste of Mughal era horticulture. Above all, their entrance fees are usually affordable.

Shankaracharya Temple

This ancient temple offers panoramic views of Srinagar. Above all, it’s a budget friendly place with a small entry fee.

Local Markets

Explore the local markets for example Lal Chowk and Residency Road. They offer budget friendly shopping and street food.

5: Try Local Cuisine

Eating out can be a major expense while traveling. But you can save money by trying the tasty local cuisine in Srinagar.

Enjoy local Kashmiri dishes for example Rogan Josh, Dum Aloo, and Kashmiri Pulao. You can enjoy these foods at local restaurants and street vendors. These dishes are not only budget friendly but also a pleasant culinary experience.

6: Bargain

In Srinagar, doing bargain is a common practice. Follow it, mainly when shopping for souvenirs, clothing, and even while hiring services like Shikara rides.

Do not think before doing bargain with vendors and service providers. Polite bargain can often result in getting a better deal and stretching your budget further.

7: Use Public Transport

To save money on transport within Srinagar, use public buses or taxis instead of private cabs. Srinagar has a well connected public transport system.

That can meanwhile help you get around the city affordably. Further, walking is a great way to explore the city center and take in local ambiance.

8: Plan for Sudden Expenses

Even when touring on a budget, it’s needed to plan for sudden expenses. Set aside a small fund to cover sudden costs for example medical expenses or any delays. This will ensure that your trip remains stress free even in the face of sudden challenges.

9: Respect Local Culture

Respecting the local culture and traditions is not only a matter of etiquette. It further helps you to save the money.

Wear modest dresses while going to religious sites can help you avoid money for clothing rentals. Further, show respect to the local people can lead to positive talks. It will lead you to get potential discounts from friendly locals.

10: Stay Safe and Insured

Lastly, ensure that you have travel insurance that covers sudden events. They may be for example trip cancellations, medical issues or lost baggage.

However, this isn’t a direct way to save money. It can protect you from major financial losses in case of unforeseen circumstances.


A budget friendly trip from Mumbai to Srinagar is very much possible. It is also an incredible experience waiting to be had. Follow these given tips and enjoy the beauty of Srinagar.

Further, experience its rich culture, and create lasting memories without straining your finances. Just do a careful planning and have a sense of adventure. After that, you can make the most of your budget friendly Srinagar tour from Mumbai. Moreover, return home with a heart full of cherished experiences.