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High-risk merchant service providers are essential in helping businesses that could encounter difficulties considered high risk. And access to the financial services and payment processing tools they need.

When financial institutions believe a business is unaware that they are high-risk suppliers and are vulnerable to chargebacks and fraud. They employ a high-risk merchant service provider. In the same way that certain features can affect your organization’s ability to obtain financing or insurance coverage. Having a high-risk business makes it more difficult to create a merchant account.

A high-risk merchant provider is considered best to provide you with safe transactions and security of your revenue. With a decrease in payment decline during the checkout of 25-50% and with an increase in search results growing 15-20% and bringing the conversion rate to 5-10% which eventually increases your revenue.

What high-risk merchant service providers do:

High-risk merchant service providers bridge the gap between high-risk businesses and payment processing by offering:

  1. Account Access
  2. Underwriting expertise
  3. Tailored Solutions


  1. Account access: By protecting merchant accounts, Paycly lets businesses handle a variety of payment options it is a high-risk merchant service provider. That offers specialized account access and makes it easy for you to accept debit cards, international credit card processing, and other payment methods.

Benefits of Account Access with High-risk Merchant Service Providers:

  • Overcome Traditional Barriers: High-risk Merchant Service Providers can help you boost your chances of account acceptance. By navigating the increasingly complex underwriting procedure for high-risk businesses thanks to their experience and relationships.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: We provide accounts that are tailored to your industry’s unique needs and risks. With reduced chargeback thresholds and fraud prevention measures.
  • Access to Multiple Processors: With connections with a variety of payment processors, Paycly gives you access to more choices and possibly even more affordable prices.
  • Streamlined Setup: We manage the difficult paperwork and application process, making it easier for you to enter the payment processing system and make international credit card processing easy.
  1. Underwriting expertise: We handle the underwriting procedure for companies that traditional channels consider high-risk.

For high-risk businesses, securing a merchant account is often a difficulty. This is where Paycly underwriting expertise comes in.


How We help:

  • Get to know your business: We evaluate your risk profile and construct a compelling argument.
    Tailored solutions: We provide accounts and processing choices that are relevant to your risk and industry.
    Handle complexity: We help you understand policies and make sure you follow them.
    Make our relationship strong with our customers to provide them with the best service.


  • We provide a vast number of cards through our offshore account and after a year with the new account, track your desertion rate and establish a goal. That reduce it by at least 10%. Eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of clients completing purchases is indicated by the consistent removal of conversion killers.
  • With the increase in risk and fraudulent, Paycly provides the best in industry security reducing your stress and helping you through


  1. Tailored solutions: We provide industry-specific solutions for particular challenges including chargeback handling and payment gateway connections.

What do tailored solutions offer?

High-Risk Merchant service providers do more than just keep your account safe. We provide solutions that tackle your unique challenges because, we are aware of the complexities of your industry:

  • Industry-specific features: Fraud prevention tools specific to your industry’s risks, these include chargeback guarantees or advanced verification processes.
  • Alternative payment methods: Integration with widely used payment methods, such as foreign wallets or automatic payments, that are preferred in your industry.
  • Flexible pricing: Pricing structures that are specifically tailored to your transaction volume and risk profile, maybe at a lower cost than regular accounts.
  • Chargeback management: Preventative strategies to minimize chargebacks, including robust dispute resolution tools and customer service training.
  • Compliance support: Assistance with navigating complex industry regulations and document requirements.
  • If a consumer trusts and feels at ease utilizing credit cards for purchases, the average order value will vary. The average order value rose by 5–10%, indicating a rise in consumer conversion and trust.

Benefits of tailored solutions:

  • Reduced risk: Reduce the possibility of problems like chargebacks and fraud to protect your revenue.
  • Improved efficiency: Features and procedures that are optimized for your needs.
  • Increased sales: Provide the payment methods that your target audience prefers.
  • Peace of mind: Expert guidance and support in a complex landscape


Risk mitigation strategies: Paycly works together with companies to put policies in place that lower risk and increase processing success rates.

  • Traditional payment gateways are generally a dead end for “high-risk” enterprises (consider travel, nutraceuticals, or anything else regarded as potentially dangerous). High-risk Merchant Service Providers can help with it. We open paths that were previously closed, handling complex underwriting procedures and safeguarding merchant accounts.
  • However, High-risk merchant service providers offer more than just accounts. We provide specialized solutions made to meet the demands of your particular industry. Such as superior e-commerce fraud prevention or alternative payment integrations for global enterprises and manage international credit card processing. We become your partner, providing flexible pricing structures and helping you navigate legal hurdles.
  • In the end, High-risk merchant service providers are specialists in minimizing risks, guiding you through all aspects of the high-risk environment. If you make the correct decision, you’ll have access to solutions that lower risk and promote the growth of your business.


Difference between Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway?

In the digital age, traditional payment processors frequently close doors to “high-risk” businesses like travel and nutraceuticals. Here’s where High-Risk Merchant Service Providers come in—they’re your key to opening accounts and navigating the tricky world of finance.

High-risk merchant service providers not only provide accounts. We provide customized solutions, recognizing the unique requirements of your business, whether it’s sophisticated e-commerce fraud prevention or global payment interfaces. Consider them as knowledgeable allies who will help you navigate rules and provide various payment options.

Paycly ends up serving as your barrier against risk. We guide you through the complexities of the high-risk environment and provide solutions that limit losses and stand in the expansion of your company. Select the appropriate option, and observe your business grow, one safe transaction at a time.

High-risk merchant service providers and international credit card transactions

Let’s see how high-risk merchant service providers help enhance your business by processing international credit card transactions.

By accepting international credit cards, your business can unlock a world of possibilities. Customers appreciate the convenience of paying in their currency, avoiding any conversion fees or confusion. This not only improves their overall experience but also opens your doors to a wider audience beyond your local borders, bringing in more potential buyers and boosting your sales.

International credit cards let your customers pay their way, attracting buyers globally. Global sales, easy payments: Accept any currency, eliminate conversion hassles, and watch your customer base grow.

You can see where you need to improve if you set a target, such as raising your monthly volume by 20–30% in the first six months.

Not only this Offering international credit card transactions allows high-risk businesses to draw clients from around the globe. Increasing the number of customers and income streams can be derived from the global attractiveness of credit cards as a convenient means of conducting online purchases.


The amount that your monthly credit card processing volume grows after opening an offshore account is one of the most direct indicators of business success. This figure shows how much money you are making overall each month by receiving payments.


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