Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Companies that do not have enough IT development personnel are more likely to hire freelancers or are going for the option of outsourcing development services and developers. If you talk about when an app is about to be developed to launch a new service that did not exist before, more manpower is inevitably needed. 

In order to make a project successful, application development Austin and other parts of the world follow a strategy. That says that it is necessary to correctly calculate the required manpower during the budget estimation process and secure manpower through outsourcing, as this can have a significant impact on the project, so it must be carried out more carefully. However, if you are a company that has never hired freelancer workers or outsourced to a developer before, you may encounter difficulties in accurately calculating the number of people needed for a project. 

In particular, if you are a company that needs to launch a new app service, you have no idea how many people you will need to meet the opening schedule, so you have no choice but to rely entirely on the quote provided by the developer. However, this does not mean that there is no way to check whether the required manpower was accurately calculated and a quote was provided. For these people, we would like to provide you with the most basic information for estimation app development and how to estimate the resources required for development.

What is a Man-Month 

Before learning how to calculate Man-Month, it is important to know about MAN MONTH first. Man Month refers to the scope of contracts related to ’human resources’ when developing software such as mobile apps as well as websites, or conducting IT consulting projects, etc., and can be used to determine the amount. 

Man Month is man/month, which is a calculation of the amount of work one developer will do in a month. It is a concept that was created to quantify manpower based on experience and express it in the form of labor costs and is used as an important measure for calculating costs or checking project periods.

However, there are of course some things that are difficult to calculate as a Man Month. It is ‘skill’. If you have ever worked in society, you will fully understand that just because you have a lot of experience does not mean that your skills are proportionally superior. Nevertheless, since there is no clearer measurement standard than this, most developers currently calculate the manpower required for the project using man-month as a unit and provide this in the form of a quote before starting the project.

1 man/ month does not necessarily mean that one developer will be invested in the project. For 1M/M, two people can do it in 0.5 months each. The first important development and construction can be done by engineers, advanced engineers, and intermediate engineers, and then the rest can be completed by beginner engineers. 

Factors that Influence Man Month

Experience or Skills 

The most powerful factor in calculating Man Month is ‘experience’. Because skills cannot be quantified with numbers, labor costs are calculated using the most accurate and fair standards. How long you have been working in the industry and what skills you have are the most important factors to consider and have the greatest impact when calculating your man-month. 

Resource Availability

Most companies do not know that the so-called unit price list for planners, developers, or designers involved in development projects is already available on the market. Each human resource is given a ‘grade’ based on their abilities and experience, and in the development industry, they are generally divided into beginners, intermediate, advanced, and special. 

Scope of Work

The size and complexity of the project’s scope are a significant factor. Larger projects typically require more man-months to complete. 

Technology and Tools 

The availability and proficiency with specific technology and tools can affect man-month estimates. Access to advanced software or equipment can speed up tasks. 

Final Note 

It is essential to consider these factors when estimating man-months for a project to create realistic timelines and allocate resources effectively. Project managers often use a combination of expert judgment, historical data, and project management software to make these estimates accurately.