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The process of converting a picture into a format that can be used by a machine is called digitizing for embroidery. The steps like tracing the picture, making a stitch file, and adding any vital features are necessary steps in this process. When the picture has been digitized, it tends to be saved in different formats. You can save the image in any format like DST, EXP, and PES.

DST is the native file format for Cricut cutting machines. It is a binary file format that contains all of the information. This information is essential to make good embroidery designs. DST files are relatively small and simple to transfer to the machine.

Instructions to Convert JPG to DST for Cricut Cutting Machines

There are a few methods for converting JPG to DST for Cricut cutting machines. One way is to utilize a free online converter. There are a lot of converters available, and they are usually used for simple images because they work well for them. However, they will be unable to deal with complex pictures, or they might deliver bad-quality outcomes.

These converter services commonly offer a free trial, so you can try them out before you focus on paying for a membership. Some well-known online converter services include:

1: Genius Digitizing

2: Embroidery Design Online

3: Embroidery Library

4: Design Bundles

One more method for converting file formats is to utilize a committed digitizing program. These programs are more costly than online converters, yet they offer more features and adaptability. Additionally, they can likewise deal with perplexing pictures and produce better outcomes.

These programs allow you to import your JPG image and afterward make a DST file from it. There is a wide range of embroidery digitizing software accessible, both free and paid. A few famous choices include:

1: Embird

2: Wilcom Embroidery Studio

3: SewArt

4: EmbroideryMachineDirect

Here are the steps of the most proficient method to convert JPG to DST utilizing a free online converter:

  • Go to an online converter site.
  • Upload your JPG file.
  • Select DST as the resulting format.
  • Click the “Convert” button.
  • You can now download the file

Here are the steps through which you can convert file formats utilizing dedicated software.

  • Open the embroidery digitizing software program.
  • Import the JPG file.
  • Trace the picture.
  • Add any important embroidery features.
  • Save the file in DST format.

Which method is ideal?

The best technique for converting a JPG to DST will rely upon your individual needs and preference. Let’s Assume that you have a great amount of JPG pictures, and you need to convert them, and you want to alter the DST files after they are created, then, at that point, a digitizing software program is a decent choice. However, if you only need to convert a few JPG pictures, and you don’t need to alter the DST files, then an online converter service might be a better choice.

Whenever you have converted your JPG to DST, you can then load it into your Cricut cutting machine and begin making embroidery projects.

Here are a few ways to make embroidery projects with Cricut:

  • Utilize high-quality thread.
  • Utilize a sharp needle.
  • Adjust the stitch length and width according to your need.
  • Test your design on a piece of fabric before you begin dealing with your final task.

Alternative Formats: JPG to EXP and PES Conversion

While DST is the most used format for Cricut cutting machines, there might be instances where you want to convert a JPG picture to other embroidery formats like EXP or PES. The cycle for converting JPG to EXP or JPG to PES is like converting to DST. You must tell your required format to the embroidery digitizing service, and they will convert the file according to your requirements. You can easily trust them because they have highly experienced and skilled digitizers.


Converting JPG to DST for Cricut cutting machines is a relatively simple cycle. There are a few techniques that you can utilize, and the best method for you relies upon your necessities and spending plan. If you just have to change JPG files, utilizing a free online converter might be a decent choice. However, if you plan on converting more pictures or making complex designs, utilizing a devoted software program is a better choice.