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Online shopping is quickly taking over retail stores. In fact, in many countries, e-commerce has put many retail stores out of business. Still, people are wary of buying things online, especially watches like Tissot PRX. After all, they are high-value brands with magnificent wristwatches.

Despite the fear of landing a fake, the truth is that the benefits far outweigh the troubles. You can simply learn how to shop online and avoid the pitfalls. Well, we must agree that there are risks when buying watches in a mortar brick store as well. 

Key Factors To Consider When Buying Tissot PRX Watches Online

One of the major benefits of buying a watch online is that you get to do more thorough research and compare products extensively. During the research phase, you should examine a couple of important factors about the wristwatches you’re considering buying.

Your Budget

Wristwatches come in a highly varied price range depending on the material used, the functions available, and even the brand value plays a big role in this. 

Moreover, you will find watches ranging anywhere from 400 CAD to 50k CAD and above. Some are expensive because they perform a lot of different tasks that you might find helpful. Others are purely luxury watches that may also be pricey because of the premium materials and even gemstones, diamonds, and gold used. 

Set a budget before you set out to buy a watch. Ideally, you should set a range within which the price should fall. This way, you will have more Tissot PRX watches options before finalising the product. 

Materials To Consider

The material you pick for your watch should depend on how you plan to use it. For diving and other sports, you will find plenty of watches with materials designed for comfort during these activities. 

  • For everyday wear, you will find leather watches much more suitable. They fit well, are comfortable, and will last a long time too. 
  • For sports, paracord and other breathable materials are ideal. 
  • Diving watches come with a stainless steel bracelet strap. Also, they are much more sturdy as they’re exposed to sudden temperature changes in the water, sun, and salty air. 

While the Tissot PRX is not a dive watch, it does come with a good level of water resistance that you might find useful. You can find this information in the product description. If it’s unavailable, you always have the option to contact the seller for more details. 

A Favourite Brand

In addition to the above, you can also explore timepieces from your favourite brands. Brands like Tissot have something for everyone! Keep in mind that you might have to pay for a brand name as well at times. In any case, you will find a highly diverse price assortment within the same brands. For instance, special limited editions such as Tissot PRX wristwatches may be more expensive than regular series watches. 

At the same time, buying for the brand name can also be a good investment if you’re interested in collecting watches. As long as you take good care of them, you will always have a good resale value for them. 

The Design

When you buy Tissot PRX Watches Online, consider the designs you prefer. Of course, you will find amazing designs that you love. Conversely, you will also find designs you hate that are highly popular. Brands have to account for different tastes and hence create a variety to include everyone’s likes. 

Consider Tissot, for example..within their PRX series, you will find a range of colour options, combinations, and even different sizes. This is ideal for those who prefer dainty watches versus those who like their watches to make a statement. 

How To Check For Authenticity?

One of the key concerns when shopping for items, especially expensive Tissot PRX Watches Online, is that it might be difficult to ascertain product authenticity. Moreover, this is especially true if it is your first time and you aren’t familiar with watch sellers online. You can order from the brand itself, but it might cost you the most if they do not have a retail store or a warehouse in your area or country. Also, they may not have all the models available for online sales. 

Online retail stores might be able to get their hands on different models, and you can choose from what is available in their storefront. 

Store Validity 

Finding a genuine brand-name watch is sometimes as easy as finding an authentic store. You can always check for a store that has a well-established presence online. Preferably even a mortar and brick store alongside. 

In Canada, you will find stores like Bijoux Eclore that have an organic presence online, along with retail stores. You can also check if the store is a verified seller of any big brands. If they are, then it is highly likely that they are trustworthy and will not want to destroy their reputation by selling fakes. Moreover, you can visit their store so that you can then buy online without worry. 

Paperwork For The Watch

Be mindful that some watches come with paperwork from the brand. It is useful to prove authenticity, avail free services, and even a warranty at times. Moreover, this depends from brand to brand and series within the brand.

On the contrary, with many brands, you can get battery changes and other services without having to show the paperwork. It is best to research and preferably watch some unboxing videos before buying them. 


As many bets as there are in shopping online, it is mostly only when you shop from questionable places. At an established store like Bijoux Eclore, you can always trust wholeheartedly. Moreover, today, you get much more discounts when shopping online. So don’t worry about a thing and enjoy shopping for your next watch. 

At Bijoux Eclore, you can get a 10% discount on your favourite brands.

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