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Benefits and How-To: Gomukhasana for Women and DiabeticsBenefits and How-To: Gomukhasana for Women and Diabetics

Yoga is a medium to keep the body and mind healthy, in Only My Health is also making its presence felt. To make this program meaningful, we have been giving detailed information about Yoga to our readers. In this sequence, today we have brought about a special yoga asana for you. Today we are telling you in detail about Gomukhasan Yoga. Join the 200 Hour Yoga TTC Rishikesh for the best in your career and health.


What is Gomukhasana Yoga?

Gomukhasana yoga is called Cow Face Pose in English. Actually, while doing this yoga, our body makes a pose like a cow’s mouth. Gomukhasana yoga is very beneficial for women. Apart from this, Gomukhasana keeps the person doing yoga away from serious diseases like diabetes, arthritis, constipation, and hernia. It is very easy to do this asana.


How to do Gomukhasana Yoga:

  • Choose a good place to do Gomukhasana yoga lay that posture and sit in the position of Sukhasana.
  • After this, keep the heel of your left foot near the right buttock and place the right foot on the left thigh, you have to keep it in such a way that both knees come on top of each other.
  • Now take the left hand behind the back, as well as take the right hand behind the right shoulder and keep both the hands connected to each other, but keep in mind that while doing this asana, your neck is straight.
  • In this, the back of your left hand should touch your spine and the right palm should remain above the spine.
  • Bring the raised elbow behind the head, so that the head puts pressure on the inner part of the raised arm.
  • In this position, your spine should be straight and the head should be backward.
  • Keep your eyes closed and stay in this state for 2 minutes.
  • It relieves cramps or twitches in the legs and makes the muscles of the feet flexible.
  • Now repeat the exercise by placing the left knee over the right knee and bringing the left arm over the left shoulder.
  • Choose the time according to your ability. Repeat this asana two to three times. After doing it from one side, do the same on the other side.


Health benefits of doing Gomukhasana yoga:

  • Gomukhasana is a great asana to bring about relaxation.
  • It reduces backache, sciatica, arthritis, as well as general stiffness of the shoulders and neck.
  • Gomukhasana yoga is very beneficial for diabetics.
  • It cures diseases in women.
  • By doing Gomukhasana, the muscles of the hands and feet are strengthened.
  • It also removes stress and provides mental peace.
  • This asana strengthens your chest as well as strengthens the lungs.
  • This asana also proves to be very effective in getting rid of sexual disorders.
  • If you have stiffness in your shoulders and neck, then you must practice this asana.
  • Gomukhasana is beneficial in back and back pain.
  • Apart from this, by doing Gomukhasana, the problem of arthritis, piles, and indigestion is removed.



Those who have any kind of problem in the arms, legs, and spine, should avoid doing Gomukhasana. If there is a problem in doing this asana in the beginning, then seek help from a yoga teacher.



Today the whole world has recognized how beneficial yoga is for the body. Yoga gives us a healthy body as well as eliminates the possibility of getting diseases. You can also see that people who practice yoga regularly. He is always healthy.