Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Do you find that you need to replace your glasses frequently?

If so, we understand and agree that it might be annoying. Here is a list of suggestions to assist you in extending the life of your eyeglasses as a service to you.

Let’s get started and discover how to prolong the life of your Banana Republic glasses!


1.      Handle and wear eyewear carefully

When handling and using your glasses, gentle, loving care will go a long way towards maintaining them. To begin with, always wear your eyeglasses on or take them off with both hands. Additionally, take care when making fit adjustments to prevent over-pressuring your spectacles. It also helps to be conscious of your glasses while doing your daily business, such as being careful not to set them on uneven ground or accidentally sit on them.


2.      Hire experts to replace and repair

Even when used carefully, glasses can occasionally develop problems requiring expert intervention. You should seek the assistance of a qualified optician for repairs if you observe any severe damage, such as cracked frames or lenses. They can fix your glasses correctly and continue functioning as they should because they have the necessary knowledge and equipment. Bent frames, cracked lenses, and broken nose pads are typical problems requiring repairs or replacements.


3.      Select stronger eyewear frames and lenses

The fact is that choosing Banana Republic frames and lenses carefully results in a longer. Choose lenses made of Trivex or polycarbonate as an alternative. They are more durable and can survive accidental impact than conventional lens materials like glass. offers a wide range of lens materials to meet your lifestyle requirements. Our polycarbonate lenses have exceptional impact resistance, resilience, thinness, and comfort because of their strong yet lightweight material. These lenses are an excellent option for people who need lenses that can survive their active lifestyle and often use prescription eyeglasses.

We also provide Trivex lenses, which have an equivalent level of durability. This well-liked lens material, made of low-density plastic, puts comfort first while still providing excellent clarity. Look for frames made of stainless steel or titanium for the materials.

These materials, renowned for their strength and lightness, can survive unintentional falls and folds without immediately breaking. The fabulist’s textured, BANANA REPUBLIC DAX rectangular frame lends an air of refinement, and its long-lasting titanium construction ensures durability.


4.      Practice care during outdoor activities

It’s crucial to look after your glasses when participating in athletics and outdoor activities. Use sports cords to keep your Banana Republic prescription glasses firmly in place while playing intense activities like tennis or basketball. Consider using water-resistant or floating straps to save your eyeglasses from falling if they unintentionally fall into the water while participating in water sports.

Remember to wipe your glasses afterward to remove any dust or grime that could harm your vision or scratch the lenses. You can engage in your favorite hobbies while maintaining your glasses secure and prepared for use by exercising caution and following these easy procedures.


5.      Store your glasses correctly

Your glasses will last longer if they are correctly stored. Please keep them in an exceptional case to protect them from dents, dings, and dust. Always store your specs in a carrying case when not in use, and avoid leaving them on shaky surfaces. Even though cleaning takes a short time, it could prevent damage or the aggravation of looking for lost glasses. You can use a microfiber bag or towel if you don’t have a case.


6.      Avoid severe temperatures

Protecting your Banana Republic eyeglasses from excessive temperatures ensures they last long. Never leave your eyewear in your car or put it in the sun for extended periods, as this can cause the frames to twist and bend.

Extreme cold can also be harmful, making the eyeglass frames more fragile and prone to fracture. The materials may get cracked or fractured under freezing temperatures. Keep your glasses in a cool, dry location, away from heat sources and sunlight when not in use.




You can extend the life of your eyeglasses and get the most out of your investment by using these helpful recommendations. Remember to carefully care for and wear your eyeglasses, get them professionally repaired or replaced when necessary, pick sturdy frames and lenses, shield them from the weather, use caution when engaging in outdoor activities, and undertake routine maintenance. You may prolong the wear of your Banana Republic glasses and keep them in superb shape by adopting these simple behaviors.

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