Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Want to know what makes Messaging Apps worth it? Then this blog is for you, in this brief read, we will discuss the must-have features in messaging applications making them a user choice. 

Communication is the key, be it online or live, people need to talk over calls, messages, and video calls. There was a time when there was just a single messaging application but now there are hundreds of applications that allow you to communicate with people all over the globe. 

Coming towards the messaging apps, instant messaging has become more convenient and faster just like the technological world. So, if you are a developer or a business looking for ideas for your upcoming instant messaging application then give this a read. If you want to create an app like Textnow then these features will definitely get the app millions of downloads. 

Let’s discuss the features that any instant messaging app should have

Top 5 Features Are As Follows 

To become a leading name in the technological world, you need to compete with the big names in the industry. Target the audience in the right way so that your app can become their best app for communication. 

Simple Log-In

After downloading the application, the first thing that the user will do is log in to the app. Do not make logging in a hassle for the new user.

People use applications that have fast loading speeds and no unnecessary information to be asked for a mere log-in. 

To make the signing up easy, you can let the user add their sim card number or just a random number that they can have of their own. This feature is unique and is one of the most advanced features of Textnow. 

This will allow the users to create a profile that is only theirs and cannot be traced down by the contact number that almost all their relatives and friends have. 

 Backup And Cloud Storage 

People use messaging apps for many reasons, such as sending and receiving pictures, videos, music, and documents.

What if the application is deleted, all the data that has been shared would be deleted. But if the application has a backup and cloud storage feature, all the data will be saved and the users can access it after re-installing. 


 End-To-End Encryption

Security is another feature that is a must, chats and calls can be traced easily. People want to feel safe when using a messaging application so their top concern is to have an application that is end-to-end encrypted.

In this way, messaging and calls will be encrypted and no third party will ever try to invade the user’s privacy. End-to-end encryption means that the messages and calls will only belong to the user and not the platform itself. These messages and calls cannot be decoded by any third party.

Hence, the higher the security, the more interested people are in downloading the messaging applications. 


Chatbots are the fruits of AI, and no messaging app should lack this advanced feature. Take an example of LinkedIn chatbot replies, you set a message that is sent to all the new connections. In this way, you stay connected with the users and you do not have to text each and every new connection.

Another example of having a chatbot, WhatsApp Business, is when a new customer approaches the business, a message is sent to them that informs them about their services and products. Also, when a business owner is away, the chatbot will assist the customer in the best way possible. 

 Light And Dark Modes

Users nowadays prefer dark memes, dark academia, and dark humor as well, so they want the modes to be dark as well. 

Allow the user to switch to dark and light mode so that they can use the application accordingly. Older age people prefer light modes while young ones prefer the dark mode as they are the night owls and want to chat all night. 

 Customized Notifications 

Lastly, customization makes every application unique and loved by people. It allows them to control the app and the contacts as well.

To be informed about the text and calls, let the user customize the tones and ringtones. This allows them to focus on the important chats and calls rather than getting distracted and alerted whenever a phone rings. 


To wrap the thought up, this was all about the features that messaging apps should have. All of these features are a must-have and allow users to have full control of the application. The more customized the application can become for the user, the higher the chances of it getting millions of downloads.